Tuesday, September 10, 2013

China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history ‹ Japan Today

Chinese state-run media offered Tokyo heavily qualified congratulations Monday for winning the right to host the 2020 Olympics, saying the event’s success would depend on Japan recognizing its World War II aggression.

“Japan should learn how to behave,” the Global Times said in an editorial that focused mostly on Beijing’s longstanding diplomatic rivalry with Tokyo.

The paper lamented Japan’s “lousy job in reflecting its misdeeds in World War II”, specifically pointing to visits by senior figures to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine, where the souls of the country’s war dead are enshrined including 14 Class A war criminals.

If visits continued, the editorial said, the world would reconsider whether “a country which has been paying high tribute to brutal war criminals for years is qualified to host such an event that advocates peace and harmony”.

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Comment: Of course the proper response from Japan should be something along the lines of: 
"Well you guys got to host the games after Mao killed an estimated 60-70 million of his own citizens during his so called 'great leap forward' (pictured above) and Last we saw, you still pay high tribute to him. Fact, during his reign of terror he killed nearly double the number of the entire death toll for the Pacific Theater during all of WWII. BTW, Japan didn't kill everyone in the pacific theater during the war and Mao killed only his own citizens in that count. So the skinny of it is, you never apologized for what he did in the name of peace so why should we have to apologize for what we did during a declared war???"
Put another way, Go screw yourselves!

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