Sunday, September 15, 2013

Demands grow for ban on U.S. military flights near nuclear plants - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun

With memories rekindled of a deadly U.S. helicopter crash 25 years ago, Ehime Prefecture is increasing its demands for a ban on all U.S. military flights above or near the Ikata nuclear power plant.

The screening process is under way on Shikoku Electric Power Co.’s application to restart the No. 3 reactor at the plant. But a recent sighting of a U.S. military aircraft flying near the nuclear plant has residents and politicians worried about a possible disaster from the skies.

“Flights above nuclear power plants are dangerous,” Ehime Governor Tokihiro Nakamura said. "We want the U.S. forces to follow the rules.”

Nakamura made the remark at a news conference on Aug. 9, four days after a U.S. military helicopter from the Kadena Air Base crashed in Camp Hansen in Okinawa Prefecture.

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Comment: For once, that's actually a really good idea! American Osprey's should stay away from Japanese Nuke plants cause if they glow in the dark, it'll be easier for the bad guys to see em and shoot em down!

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