Sunday, September 8, 2013

Drought Helped Spark Syria's Civil War -- Is it One of Many Climate Wars to Come? | Connecting the Dots, Q&A, What Matters Today |

Climate change is already hurting the world’s most vulnerable populations. Those who live in areas hit hard by drought, severe storms or rising seas and can’t relocate because of economic or social factors bear the brunt of our planet’s increasing volatility.

One way the changing climate has already made itself known is through a devastating drought — and ensuing food shortage — in Syria; it created a powder keg, and played a significant role in sparking the country’s civil war. We can expect to see similar scenarios unfold in the future.

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Comment: Of all the lame brain happy horse shit excuses for journalism I've seen lately, this thing really takes the cake! Cause if the premise of the story here is right, the real question ought to be more along the lines of; "where the hell is AlGore when you need him?" Cause if he aint doing what he can to fix this problem, then he sure as hell aint doing his self-appointed job as savior of the planet then is he??? Nah, old Al couldn't even save his marriage to that dingbat tipper after he tried and failed to dip his Willy-Wonka in that hotel masseuse. Save the planet, give me a freaking break!

Hey Mr. Moyers, here's some news for you, Syria is already a freaking desert. Better yet, I think somebody needs to tell old Bill to lay off the friggin Kool-Aid!

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