Sunday, September 15, 2013

DVIDS - News - Japan Diet members tour Futenma, Ospreys

Members of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan visited Marine Corps Air Station Futenma Sept. 9 to discuss the role of the air station and the MV-22B Osprey tiltrotor aircraft.

Toshihisa Takata, the ambassador in charge of Okinawan Affairs with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, also joined the LDP members during the visit.
“It is important that the 1st MAW’s rotary and tiltrotor assets are colocated with the ground-based components of the MEF in order to provide adequate response time for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions,” 

said Patak, the MCAS executive officer. “This in addition to supporting real-world contingencies and operations, multinational exercises, and periodic training and exercises.”

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Comment: And now you know why they need to have a replacement for the Futenma facility on Okinawa, so as soon as it's finished, they can send the Marine ground troops to Guam and Australia where they won't be anywhere near the Air Wing???

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