Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fukushima 'not under control' warns TEPCO official | Fox News

The Japanese government and TEPCO were scrambling to reassure people Friday that they have a lid on Fukushima after a senior utility executive said the nuclear plant was "not under control".

The remarks by Kazuhiko Yamashita, who holds the executive-level title of "fellow" at Tokyo Electric Power, seem to flatly contradict assurances Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gave Olympic chiefs a week earlier.

In a meeting with members of the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, Yamashita was asked whether he agreed that "the situation is under control" as Abe had declared at the International Olympic Committee meeting in Buenos Aires.

He responded by saying, "I think the current situation is that it is not under control," according to major media, including national broadcaster NHK.

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Comment: I think that the headline here needs to be modified to add the words (soon to be former) to the gentleman's formal title of "Fellow" at TEPCO! I expect that the Abe administration will soon be threatening to pull all government funding from NHK as well!

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