Friday, September 27, 2013

Guest Column -- Fukushima Facts -- by Takashi Hirose -

Readers have asked that I write about Fukushima.

Guest Column — Fukushima Facts — by Takashi Hirose

About all I can tell you with confidence is that we are getting no more truth about Fukushima from the presstitute media than we are about any other subject.

As I understand it, which I hope is incorrectly, Fukushima has the prospect, if the wrong events occur, of essentially eliminating Japan as a country.

Why Japan, the only country to suffer attack by nuclear weapons, made the decision to rely on nuclear plants for its electricity is a mystery. Perhaps the Japanese government was pressured by Washington to accept US nuclear energy technology as a form of tribute payment.

Whether or not Japan under Washington’s thumb was a coerced market for Westinghouse, Fukushima is sending radiation into the Pacific Ocean and, apparently, into the groundwater that supplies Tokyo.

If the fuel rods that must be removed from a damaged building ignite, calamity will result.

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