Monday, September 2, 2013

Here’s looking at you Babe. | TRAVEL 67 – Chris Willson Photography

Pig MobileA few porky pics, (linked) showing the love many Okinawans have for pigs. To be more precise, that love is usually when Miss Piggie is in a bowl of ramen, or a can of spam.

I believe the owner of this truck sells “ham”burgers, but I would like to believe it is actually the vehicle of the Hogfather a superhero that saves pigs that are on their way to the Okinawa Ham factory.
Pig Mobile

Not sure what the police pig enforces, (picture linked) but I’ve heard he has no time for squealers, and he’s sometimes described as a bit of a boar.

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Comment: Some people say that all the U.S. military personnel on Okinawa are a force for peace, and the bases a deterrent to aggression by vile and nefarious forces. But is that really true? I think the reason we don't have Muslims or Jews over here trying to blow each other up is because of all the pork. It's like a protective talisman of sorts. You know like how a crucifix keeps a vampire at bay! World Peace through Pork, and not the kind that the politicians throw around to buy votes. It's got to be the kind mentioned here!

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