Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hub: Around the corner, down the street and on the 3rd floor! | OkiNinjaKitty

IMG_2598Kokusai Street is a great place for tourists, however, for someone who has lived here long term it can be as fun as it is annoying. This is one of the reasons that I don’t often think of Kokusai Street when looking for a nice place to enjoy a sit down dinner. Yesterday, however, was an exception to the rule. You see this week is Mr OkiNinjaKitty’s birthday and his absolute favorite cake is sold in a small shop located on Kokusai Street. This year rather than going to the cake shop myself Mr OkiNinjaKitty requested that we go together and make a night of it. Sounds like fun!

After the cake was successfully retrieved it was time to look for a place to eat dinner. This is, at least in my opinion, a harder task than it might seem. Sure there are an overwhelming amount of restaurants on Kokusai Street but the actual selection is limited (especially if you’re not looking for a steak dinner) and some of the prices are just outrageous. We walked up and down the street being handed flyer after flyer, none of which catching our eye, until this one guy who not only had a flyer but the entire menu. A quick flip through and we knew this was it!

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Comment: Don't ask me why but when I read that headline, this old Creedence Clearwater Revival tune just came to mind.... Enjoy!

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