Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Is America now becoming an international outlaw? | The Japan Times

When Barack Obama succeeded George W. Bush as U.S. president, the world, sick of the latter’s triumphalist, in-your-face unilateralism, heaved a collective sigh of relief. How ironic then that Obama risks making the U.S. the biggest international outlaw of our times.

Consider four examples. The intensified use of drones to kill foreign-based enemies has been described in a joint study by Stanford and New York University law schools — two of the world’s leading law faculties — as violating international law, international humanitarian law, international human rights law and possibly also U.S. law. The creation of an uber surveillance state that spies massively and routinely on millions of Americans and foreigners has stirred an angry backlash. The refusal to prosecute the torturers and their legal enablers from the Bush regime, while pursuing, prosecuting and persecuting whistleblowers of government malfeasance, shows a strange perversion of priorities in the land of the free and brave.

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Comment: That's the problem with collectivists. They don't think about what happens to whom and for that matter, they don't really care about what you or I think. Because they're incapable of thinking rationally about matters, they simply react from a primal urge to do something, hell anything, in hopes of somehow making themselves feel better because what they just did was for the children or the planet or some other politically correct nonsensical cause. They do this without thinking about how to pay for it or who it hurts in the process. That maters not, what matters is they're good people and they can prove it because they did something about it, voted or threw money at it...

As for George the Second and little Barry, they should both be in jail waiting to be tried for what they've done. Finally, in response to the question posed in that headline, in a word YES!!!

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