Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Isle row quashes Olympic congrats from China | The Japan Times

China isn’t extending any congratulations to Tokyo on winning its Olympic bid as a bitter diplomatic feud continues over uninhabited islets claimed by both.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei twice refused to say whether congratulations would be forthcoming when asked at a regular briefing Monday.

“We noted the decision by the International Olympic Committee,” Hong said before referring reporters to the Chinese Olympic Committee, where phones rang unanswered.

A staff member at the sports ministry’s media office, who gave only her surname, Tian, said she had no information and was also unable to reach Olympic Committee officials. Nor was any statement forthcoming from the government of Beijing, host of the 2008 summer games.

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Comment: Maybe they figure that with all the "stuff" (I was going to say "shit" instead of "stuff" but this is a family blog) going down in Syria and what not, there won't be enough of a world left by 2020 to hold a Tokyo Olympic Games. So why wast your energy giving out congratulations for nothing????

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