Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Japan Australia: Lotteria Super Cheeseday and Super Fryday

Japanese burger chain Lotteria is celebrating its 40th anniversary with an Autumn special that might interest all those ex-pat burger lovers here in Japan. Back by popular demand are Lotteria’s Super Cheeseday and Super Fryday burger deals.

Starting from September 23 until October 9, you can find two new items back on the menu. The Zeppin Cheeseburger will come with five beef patties and slices of cheese. It will be priced at 1360 yen (USD$13.60). The Ebi Tree Burger is a seafood option featuring ebi (shrimp). It contains five deep-fried shrimp patties and costs 770 yen (USD$7.70). You may remember that both of these classics featured in the recent Twin Burger.

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