Thursday, September 12, 2013

Japan on high alert year after Senkaku nationalization | The Japan Times

The Japan Coast Guard was on high alert Wednesday, a year to the day after the government nationalized the Senkaku Islands, placing the uninhabited East China Sea islets at the center of a bitter dispute with China.

Bilateral relations have soured dramatically over the past 12 months, marked by frequent confrontations between the two nations’ ships.

On Tuesday, the government said it had not ruled out stationing officials on the islets, but Beijing warned in response that Japan “must be prepared to bear the consequences of this provocation.”

“We are on high alert as today marks the first anniversary of the nationalization of the Senkaku Islands,” said Coast Guard official Yuma Miyako.

China said Tuesday it had carried out 59 “patrols” since last September, each time being warned off by Japanese ships. The two nations’ militaries have played cat and mouse in international waters and skies.

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Comment: You think they're loaded for bear now, wait till he takes that thing out fishing!

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