Thursday, September 5, 2013

Map It! Okinawa: Remnants of the Past...

Shelters like the one above serve as a reminder of the past. It was before the Great Okinawan War had come to fruition, that the local people had dug out this shelter off a hillside in Nishihara Village some time after June 1944. This shelter served as an air raid shelter, but also to keep safe important documents for the Nishihara Village Office. A sign (translated in English) sits next to the shelter states that there was a safe inside and in it “contain[ed] important documents such as family and land registers, public funds, office seals, account books, and wartime credits.” Village office workers would retrieve documents from the safe daily and return them before close of business.(1)

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Comment: Funny how things come full circle. This tragic story and this image from our past makes me think about our future and how it isn't as bright or hopeful as it used to be...

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