Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ministry wants nuke waste to be retrievable | The Japan Times

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has decided to call for storing high-level radioactive waste in ways that make it accessible in the future, instead of the burying it underground for good, informed sources said.

METI officials believe radioactive waste should be retrievable because better disposal techniques could be discovered in the future.

The idea is apparently designed to make it easier for the ministry to convince municipalities to host disposal facilities. It is unclear, however, whether the new plan will help ease the public’s concerns as the central government hopes.

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Comment: This all sounds well and good but, the dirty little secret is, Japan uses Plutonium rods to power its Nuke plants. Easy retrieval, as mentioned here, makes it very easy to turn the spent fuel rods into weapons grade plutonium very quickly. This can then be placed in nuclear warheads and mounted on top of Japan's newest Epsilon rocket. Should Japan change it's "Peace Constitution" back into one that allows them to go to war, as many are thinking they will, in a skinny minute they could become the newest member of the nuclear club and with their very capable navy a global military power! How does that information affect your opinion on this story?

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