Monday, September 16, 2013

Moving beyond homo economicus | The Japan Times

Humanity currently faces numerous global challenges, including climate change, resource depletion, financial crisis, deficient education, widespread poverty and food insecurity. But, despite the devastating consequences implied by a failure to address these issues, we have not risen to the occasion.

Economies, both crisis-stricken and thriving, are failing to eliminate poverty, improve the provision of public services like education, and maintain and allocate collective goods, such as fish stocks and rain forests, effectively and equitably. At the same time, societies are increasingly fragmented, with perceived loneliness and stress-related illnesses on the rise. And existing governance structures are inadequate to improve the situation.

~ Humans are capable of far more than selfishness and materialism. Indeed, we are capable of building sustainable, equitable, and caring political systems, economies and societies.

Rather than continuing to indulge the most destructive drivers of human behavior, global leaders should work to develop systems that encourage individuals to meet their full socio-emotional and cognitive potentials — and, thus, to create a world in which we all want to live.

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Comment: This author makes the same mistake that Marx and all of his slavish neophyte devotees a.k.a. Disciples of Satan made. That it is the government that must come to the rescue to save us all from ourselves. When will these jack asses (I almost said dick heads but this is a family friendly blog) learn that the government causes far more pain and suffering in this world than the evil capitalist pigs they like to point their fingers at ever could. You see, those capitalist pig fat cats cannot force you to buy anything. What your so-called "friends" in the government can "MAKE" you do is another thing altogether!

Evil fat cat capitalist pigs cannot cross the line to the dark side and exploit or enslave people without the approval, tacit or otherwise, of the government. People do not go to war, States go to war and only states commit the heinous act of Democide! That's because when it comes down to what you want, the author of this totally erroneous but nicely worded piece of excrement a.k.a. "Marxian drivel" still doesn't get it! The state doesn't care! 

Wake the hell up people and stop listening to all the Marxian fantasies being propagated from the ivory towers by people who've never held a job or produced anything of value in their entire lives. 

Put more succinctly,"wake up and smell the Fascism" before they load your @$$ on a train or truck bound for the nearest FEMA camp!

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