Friday, September 20, 2013

No place for a 'Plan B' attack | The Japan Times

The Washington debates about the Syrian chemical weapons, and whether there is an Obama “Plan B” by which the United States may yet bomb Syria, seem deaf to what really happened last week.

Russia delivered Syria, its ally, to international negotiations concerning those weapons and their renunciation. This has possibly opened the door to some way to resolve the Syrian civil war. Moscow is now responsible for what its client, Syria, does. All the more is Russian President Vladimir Putin required to deliver a cooperative President Bashar Assad if Moscow continues to insist that the U.S. renounce military action, even if Syria fails to fulfill the obligations which it has accepted.

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Comment: Whaaaat! The Obama-Nation of Desolation as spoken of by the profit Daniel doesn't have a plan "B?" Haven't you guys ever heard of the Senkaku Islands?? It's a part of Okinawa Prefecture in Japan and sitting on top of a lake of oil and natural gas so large it would make a Saudi Sheik shriek with joy if he could get his greedy little hands on them!

Unfortunately, he'd have to go through the Chinese and/or the Japanese to get them. The Obamanator (a Nobel "Piece" Prize winner to boot, who'd a thunk it) can always stoke this fire if any of the other ones he's lit around the globe fizzle out! 

Note to the Nobel Committee: How about thinking with the big head instead of the little one next time???

Anyway, what better place to kick off WWIII than where WWII ended?

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