Sunday, September 22, 2013

No talks unless dispute affirmed: China | The Japan Times

China says it is ready to talk to Japan over the increasingly heated Senkakus territorial clash, but only if Tokyo declares the islets to be in dispute.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi faced questions about Beijing’s ties with the top U.S. ally in Asia at an event Friday in Washington, where he called for mutual respect in relations between the United States and a growing China.

Wang laid blame for the current tensions on Japan, which in September 2012 effectively nationalized the Senkaku Islands, claimed as Diaoyu by China and Tiaoyutai by Taiwan. Japan administers the uninhabited chain.

“In spite of this, we are still ready to sit down and have a dialogue with the Japanese to work out jointly a way to manage the current situation,” Wang said at the Brookings Institution.

“But first, Japan needs to recognize that there is such a dispute. The whole world knows that there is a dispute,” he added. “I believe there will be a day when the Japanese come back to the table of dialogue.”

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Comment: Translation, please admit there is a dispute over the Senkakus, which are a part of Okinawa Prefecture so we can raise hell in the U.N. and give us an excuse to invade Okinawa. 

BTW, if distance was a factor in deciding who owns the Senkaku's, then this map has an error. They may be 170 km from Ishigaki island, the same as they are from Taiwan but, both Iriomote and Yaeyama islands (part of Okinawa Prefecture) are considerably closer.

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