Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama torn to shreds by Fox News over Syria. Seriously A Must Watch - YouTube

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Comment: Normally this would be a topic not made for this forum (we concentrate on Far East Asia, not South West Asia) but, given the grave circumstances we face, "can you say WWIII? Sure, I knew you could, this is a must!

My question for the readers is, do any of you realize how close we all are to stepping into eternity??? It's time to consider it and if you have a mind to, maybe you should make your peace with God...

My final question on this matter would be, where the hell have you been Judge? These are questions that the "presstitute" media should have raised a long time ago. This is a bit like closing the corral gate after the horses have all run away. My thinking is, this is but a vane attempt to save face for your profession in a case of industry wide gross negligence. The truth of the matter is, the Lame-Stream media hasn't been doing their job and if we go to war, our blood will be upon your heads..

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