Sunday, September 15, 2013

Okinawa crown mystery defies leads after nearly 70 years - News - Stripes

Patty Sternfelt remembers her grandfather filling volumes of handwritten books with accounts and keepsakes from his time in the Navy reserve.

She spent her childhood south of Boston playing with kimonos and sashes that Cmdr. Carl Sternfelt brought home from his tours of Japan and the Pacific in the 1940s.

“I saw every artifact he brought back,” said Sternfelt, who was named trustee of her grandfather’s books after he died in 1976. “I admired him and looked up to him.”

Far away on Okinawa, her veteran grandfather is remembered differently. He has long been the main suspect in one of the island’s most enduring mysteries — the looting of the Ryukyu Kingdom’s royal crown during World War II.

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Comment: Mystery solved, it was that Ali Baba or was it Abu Hassan or Abra Kadabra or Abu whatever guy. We got the proof in the video above!!

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