Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Okinawa’s future lies in Chinese tourists, not Philippine experiences - OP-ED - Asian Review - Globaltimes.cn

As a hot spot for the US military forces, Okinawa has always attracted attention. The residents of Okinawa have long protested against the US presence, but to no avail.

Washington has been reluctant to withdraw its military forces, because Okinawa serves as a strategically important region. It is located near the Taiwan Strait and the Korean Peninsula as well as a number of Southeast Asian nations.

In addition, the US military forces have been operating in Okinawa for many years and the infrastructure to support them has been built up.

More importantly, the Japanese government pays part of the costs of stationing US soldiers there, even including the salary of Japanese staff providing logistical services. That offers a more reasonable explanation why the US forces are unwilling to leave such a "comfortable" base.

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Comment: Don't forget the two most important reasons why the American's refuse to leave Okinawa, ice cold Orion Beer and lots and lots of Kirei Shimagwa! It's a matter of priorities!!

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