Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On Syria, Don’t Bark Louder Than You Bite | James Holmes – The Naval Diplomat | The Diplomat

What remedy does justice prescribe for a "moral obscenity"?

That's the term Secretary of State John Kerry used to describe the Syrian regime's use of chemical arms last week. Few would quarrel with it. Government forces are reportedly culpable for an August 21 assault that, by some estimates, claimed some 1,300 lives. Still, the Obama administration must map out its next steps carefully. Words as strong as Kerry's demand strong deeds to match.

Punishing a moral obscenity flaccidly, with token military action, would constitute a diplomatic mistake of the first order. That's Negotiations Theory 101. Once you commit yourself publicly to some action, you have to keep that commitment or risk becoming a laughingstock. Failing to follow through disheartens your constituents and allies. And what adversary, present or future, will take you seriously the next time you want to coerce or deter? That's a reputation no political leadership should want.

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Comment: Funny, when we looked up "Moral Obscenity" online, we found this picture. When we looked up "laughing stock," the link was the same...

Obama = One Big Ass Mistake America! In his defense, Both McCain and Romney would more than likely have been bigger mistakes. McCain for sure would have already started, finished and most likely lost WWIII! Romney, would be too busy making money and filling his Cayman Islands bank account to care and too busy flip-flopping on the issues to know what side of them that he's on at any given moment. Fact of the matter is, neither the Demagogues or the Reprobates have given us anything resembling a choice as of late...

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