Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Only DC Wants a US Attack in Syria - While China Probes Japan's Defenses - Townhall

Japan's Defense Ministry said Sunday two Chinese H-6 bombers flew a round trip from the East China Sea to the Pacific Ocean without violating Japanese airspace the same day after overflying waters between Okinawa and adjacent islands.

The Japan Air Self-Defense Force scrambled fighter aircraft, the ministry said. It was the first time the ministry has made an announcement after confirming the passing of Chinese bombers through the Ryukyu Islands off the southwest coast of Japan.

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Comment: In July a Chinese early warning aircraft made the first flight through the Ryukyus near Okinawa, but in international airspace. This is the first familiarization flight by Chinese bomber crews. China just updated its base line information on Japanese detection and reaction times.

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