Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ryukyu Shimpo – Nago the “Home of Agu“

Nago City declared itself to be the “Home of Agu” on September 1. Through the years it has worked to save and promote the Okinawan native pig known as agu, which used to be threatened by extinction. A statue of an agu pig (not pictured here) was unveiled in the ceremony held at the Civic Center to commemorate the declaration. People attending the ceremony, including meat producers and city officials, made comments such as “Agu is a symbol of Nago,” “It is our treasure,” and “We want to see it available throughout the world.”

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Comment: Like wolf-bane to the werewolf and a crucifix to a vampire, the city of Nago has made its choice. We are the pork capital of Okinawa and off-limits to both Muslim suicide bomber extremists and Jewish freedom fighters alike!

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