Monday, September 9, 2013

Ryukyu Shimpo – Tokashiki Village office worker debuts as mixed martial arts fighter

Thirty-five-year-old Tokashiki Village employee Kiyoya Toyama made his debut in a mixed martial arts event held in Matsuyama, Naha on August 25.

Fighting under the ring name Hija Devil, Toyama is the first mixed martial arts fighter from Tokashiki. He lost his bout in a close contest, but performed very well in front of about a thousand spectators.

Personifying the fighting spirit of Tokashiki, Toyama was given an award for his efforts. That he lays his life on the line to fight has attracted attention from local people and his performances help to promote Tokashiki tourism.

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Comment: Sad state of affairs here. Bad enough that he lost but, a little known fact not reported in this story is that out of the thousand or so people who witnessed this "alleged" MMA match, 999 of them caught the ferry and came from Tokashiki to Naha to see it. This was likely paid for out of the village coffers. Isn't the idea of promoting tourism for your island supposed to to have folks come visit your place and not the other way around??? But then again, isn't that what government folks do to us every day, promise everything, under perform and rob us all blind in the process!

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