Monday, September 2, 2013

Tropical cyclone formation alert: New system just west of Okinawa - Pacific Storm Tracker - Stripes

Formation of a tropical cyclone is possible within 24 hours, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center stated about an hour ago on its site. A new tropical disturbance spawned just east of Taiwan earlier Sunday and was 265 miles west of Okinawa at 6:30 p.m. Sunday. Hard to tell what it will do at this point; computer models/dynamic aids are all over the lot right now, an official with Kadena Air Base’s 18th Wing Weather Flight said. But it’s already a tad north of the Tropic of Cancer, which diminishes its chances of forming into something major, and it’s tracking northeast, which would mean strong winds and much-needed rain for Okinawa in the next couple of days. PST will keep a sharp eyeball on it.

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Comment: It does feel a bit cooler this morning and we, the folks over at Zamami Jima in particular, certainly could use the rain!

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