Sunday, September 22, 2013

U.S. Futenma base relocation hits new stumbling block: dugongs | The Japan Times

Dugongs, a.k.a. "Sea Cows" an endangered marine species, in 2012 were inhabiting the reclamation site in Okinawa chosen for the relocation of the U.S. Futenma base, the first time their presence has been confirmed there in three years, a survey by the Okinawa Defense Bureau revealed Saturday.

Only a small number of dugongs live in waters near the Japanese archipelago. But a survey report obtained by Kyodo News through a freedom of information request confirmed seaweed had been eaten by dugongs at the planned reclamation site between April and June last year.

Similar traces of seaweed eaten by the mammals were found near the area in June 2009, but no further evidence indicated that they had since inhabited the site.

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Comment: LOL!!! New Stumbling Block??? GTFOH! Obviously the author and editor are brand new as in just out of the "Ministry of Propaganda" a.k.a. "Journalism School" and/or haven't been following this story. Dugongs, a.k.a. "Sea Cows," even though no one has actually seen one of these "mythical" animals anywhere near Okinawa since 1967 as evidenced by the oft re-edited grainy film they always show on television. Instead of a real sighting, they've only seen some "supposed" evidence that some of the sea grasses may have been eaten. 

Anyway, these legendary "mythical" Okinawan Sea Cows have been a major part of this story from the very beginning. I'd bet that this supposed evidence of sea grasses being eaten by mythical animals is more likely the result of Vietnam era Agent Orange that was buried at sea and leaked from the rusty barrels, the result of 50 years exposure to sea water, and that "killed" the sea grasses. 

Put another way, "Dugongs are a new stumbling block?" my fat hairy @$$. Do you think they'd stop building something in the Pacific Northwest because of a "Bigfoot" sighting??? More likely they give this story to give Dow Chemical and the rest of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex some cover for the tons of Agent Orange buried in Orua Bay and around Okinawa. The B.S. coming from both sides is getting pretty deep! Nuff said...

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