Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Japan Photo per Day - Canned coffee, a Japanese invention

Japanese Vending Machines
I love coffee and one of the delights of my Japanese trips is to sample the numerous canned coffee versions available here. Although there are also many coffee-shops with great coffee, since canned coffee can be found almost everywhere, in vending machines, supermarkets and konbinis, the temptation is just too much… (^_^)

Canned coffee is available today throughout the world, but it is less known that it was invented in Japan. The first cold kan kōhī appeared 40 years ago, produced by the UCC Ueshima Coffee Co. And the first hot canned coffee also appeared in Japan, a few years later, in the Pokka vending machines. 

Kan kōhī is today a huge business, with several large companies engaged in fierce competition. And since the quality is almost the same, they are trying to stand out with beautiful cans and interesting commercials (remember the Tommy Lee Jones BOSS commercials?). Anyway, it’s hard to choose…

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