Friday, October 4, 2013

A Japan Photo per Day - Japanese traditions, a... 244 years old man

Takeuchi Shrine, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Kamakura
The Japanese tradition notes that a man called Takeshiuchi no Sukune served during its lifetime 5 legendary Emperors: he began by serving the Emperor Keiko, between 71 and 130 and he was still in the service of Emperor Nintoku, who reigned between 313 and 399… That means he lived for more than 200 years!

In more details, there are recordings that during the rule of the Emperor Keiko he led a military campaign against the Ezo tribes, it is known that he was the first Great Minister for the Emperor Seimu and that he participated in the campaign in Korea during the reign of Empress Jingu. He died during the time of Emperor Nintoku…

So, the legend says that Takeshiuchi no Sukune lived for 244 years… That’s why he is now enshrined as the kami of good health and longevity at the Takeuchi Shrine (in the photo), an auxiliary shrine from Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, Kamakura…

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Comment: Poor bastard probably owed a bunch of money in back taxes or something. In typical squeeze blood out of a turnip government bullshit fashion, I think these days they call it austerity or something like that, it looks like they made him work until he paid it all off. By the way government's around the globe these days are running up debt "in the name of the people" of course, it's quite likely that pretty soon we'll all be making a run at this guy's record!

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