Thursday, October 24, 2013

Big typhoons may collide off Honshu | The Japan Times

Less than a week after being hit by the largest typhoon in a decade, Tokyo is bracing for another strong storm that will likely reach the area Saturday, and it may get merged with an even stronger approaching tempest.

Though less powerful than Typhoon Wipha, incoming tropical cyclone Francisco is rated as “strong,” the Meteorological Agency said. But on a possible collision course is Typhoon Lekima, considered “more fierce.”

As of 3 p.m. Wednesday, Typhoon Francisco, the 27th this year, was located about 180 km south of Minamidaito Island, east of Okinawa, heading northwest at a speed of 15 kph.

The agency previously described the typhoon as “very strong,” but it appears to have passed its peak, weather forecaster Nobuaki Hiramatsu said.

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Comment: Saying that old "Francisco" has passed his peak is a bit of an understatement. That's because he's traveling, not where others fear to tread, but instead he's more like a repeat customer in a San Francisco bath house, who came back for another romp only to find out nobody's there. That's the problem! You see to a typhoon or hurricane (same thing different ocean), warm waters are like gasoline to an internal combustion engine. They're the fuel that make them go and the last couple of storms that came this way in the last two weeks have already sucked all that heat energy out of the water. 

Simply put, old Francisco is Petering out!

That doesn't mean he can't cause any trouble! He's just not the bull in the China shop sort of "armed and dangerous" that he was a few days ago. The winds outside my door right now are barely tropical storm strength and what we're supposed to get at the peak of the storm here on Okinawa Honto later this afternoon is not even going to be "Hurricane" strength. Lastly, sure we need the rain but, we still just wish he'd hurry up and go away...

Hopefully the folks up near mainland where these storms are expected to merge, and especially on Izu-Oshima, where they had those deadly mud slides last week will catch a break! If your worried about this storm or of the mind to and you want to say a prayer for anyone, you could throw one or two to the folks up there where they still haven't found everyone yet...

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