Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dugong activity unlikely to sway Futenma plans - News - Stripes

It’s unclear if recent evidence of endangered dugong activity would add fresh ammunition to a debate over allowing Marine Corps runways to be built in an Okinawa bay, according to the island’s prefectural government.

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Comment: Lets get this straight. The so-called "evidence" is patterns on the grassy areas of the sea floor, in the shallows, that looks as though it "may have" been eaten by dugongs. Nowhere in the report does it state that dugongs were sighted nor does it say that this is conclusive evidence of dugongs in the area. It merely says it might be. When you have a fresh dugong sighting, something other than the 30 year old grainy super eight film so often shown on local television, or fresh dugong is being offered, right alongside "Flipper" at one of the local sakana-ya's "Fish Market," then you'll have conclusive evidence and not before.

Lastly, Just in case you're not sure what a dugong looks like, I've included the picture above. The dugong is the one on the right. If you see the one on the left being offered at a sakana-ya, it's probably a good indication that your in or near a "red-light" district!

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