Monday, October 28, 2013

Foreign land grabs near SDF sites face curbs | The Japan Times

Ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers have begun to examine possible legislation to regulate land acquisitions by foreign parties near Self-Defense Forces facilities.

The party’s committee on security and land legislation will first study the purchase of land by a South Korean company near a Maritime Self-Defense Force base on Tsushima Island in Nagasaki Prefecture.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said land acquisitions by foreign entities and individuals near defense facilities are “an important issue that concerns (national) security.”

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Comment: Well how do expect neighboring countries to spy on you???  The espionage game, in particular the way it goes down around military facilities, is a lot like living next to a peeping Tom. You don't want him gawking at your wife in the shower, better put up some curtains or a fence.

Not everyone has the resources like the Federal Reserve Bank, a.k.a. a printing press so they can make "counterfeit money" a.k.a. the U.S. Dollar, and use that to pay for the host of spy and information gathering agencies such as the NSA, HSA, TSA, CIA, FBI, MIC, KEY, MOU, SE like the Obama-Nation of Desolation as spoken of by the "profit" Daniel has at his disposal. Buying up some land and setting up some some business as a front (preferably a profitable one) and sending in a couple spies to stake out a place is in most cases the cheaper way to go.

Sorry, got to go, the latest text from Angela Merkel's cell phone is coming in now, catch you later dudes...

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