Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fukushima Industries’ unfortunately-named mascot ‘Fukuppy’ causes stir - The Japan Daily Press

“People around me say that I’m a little bit stupid,” says the self-description of the new Fukushima Industries mascot on their website. But maybe the ones in marketing who named the mascot are the ones who aren’t really thinking straight as they decided on using the name “Fukuppy” to nickname their winged egg creation.

While Fukuppy sounds like a cute name when pronounced properly (“foo-koo-pii”) in Japan, English-speaking readers and speakers are finding it hilarious, since it sounds like a nickname for a clumsy puppy or something you say to someone in a fit of anger. (you know the one that rhymes with duck) They were trying to somehow salvage the reputation of the company, as the word “Fukushima” has been associated with the nuclear meltdown of 2011 and the ongoing clean-up “fukuppies”, errr, we mean slip-ups.

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Comment: Sounds like a good description of your average government official, at all levels, doesn't it!? For that very reason, we should make this the official TEPCO Mascot or better yet, why not the whole Abe Administration since they're one and the same anyway. I wouldn't even bother adding a "c" to put between the "u" and the "k". If the shoe fits, wear it! I say leave it as it is and apply it in liberal portions to where it fits best...

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