Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fukushima Worker Exploitation - YouTube

Comment: Still sure you want to trust the government??? Yes, it's easy to blame the companies like these workers did and a hard left leaning "Reuters" news snooze agency was ever so happy to report but, you have to remember that the company couldn't be getting away with this sort of crap (I was going to say bullshit but this is a family friendly blog) were it not for their enablers in the government. Don't be deceived, there are two sides to every story, the seen and the unseen. The higher ups in the government are fully aware of what's going on and turning a blind eye to it all and for what, a chance to get the Olympics in Tokyo??? Let me ask you, what's more important, getting this thing fixed or having a big show? Follow the money and you'll find the answer!!!

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