Monday, October 28, 2013

Healthy eating Okinawa style: A rainbow at the table - Food & Drink | Recipes, Reviews | Restaurants, Wine & Healthy Eati - Sat, Oct 26, 2013

Okinawa is a model of healthy eating. The people on these small, subtropical Japanese islands live longer than those almost anywhere else in the world. And the evidence for this longevity is everywhere. Old Okinawans (and there are lots of them) are lithe and healthy looking, practicing their daily exercises in the kind of fluid, well-rehearsed fashion that makes lesser mortals like myself shudder with shame at my half-hearted attempts at jogging. Or at least want to oil my creaky joints that bit more often.

So exactly which foods result in such long-lived well-being? Research shows that alongside traditional Japanese staples such as fish and seaweed, the secret is the rainbow of fruit and vegetables they consume, including such delights as purple sweet potatoes.

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Comment: Which Okinawa did this guy visit? Probably not the same one I live on. My guess is this guy never set foot on the island. What he wrote down in this story, he probably just "read it" somewhere else. This is another fine example of the "copy and paste" method of information gathering done in hotel lounges and learned at the Jayson Blair School of Journalism. 

And the pundits wonder why people are turning to the alternative media in droves...

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