Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Japan Australia: Gifu Ukai 2013

Ukai or Cormorant Fishing has taken place along the famous Nagara River in Gifu for more than 1300 years. It is a major summer attraction in Japan with the season running from May 11 to October 15. With the season winding down for another year, Japan Australia took the chance to head down to the river bank and see this spectacular event.

We started off at the Cormorant Fishing Viewing Boat Office, where you can check in if you are going on one of the viewing boats. There is also an Ukai Boat Waiting Area where you can see a video of the famous ukai and pick up a souvenir from the gift shop.

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Comment: To those out there (particularly self-proclaimed liberals) who will cry cruelty to animals and demand I take this post down let me say this first; please paint your "multicultural" world with even brush strokes! Instead of painting these people as cruel heartless bastards, take a long hard look in the mirror first!

Perhaps you could start by bestowing upon unborn humans the same rights you seem wont to give dumb animals. We're supposed to be endowed with certain inalienable rights like Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness aren't we? Lets just make sure that we get that first one right and let nature take its course from there, shall we?

Next, perhaps instead of worrying about these poor animals being enslaved, you might consider protesting all the human trafficking that is still going on, even today, in the 21st Century. 

Then, if you really cared about something other than yourselves, I'd like to suggest that you could probably cut back on the weekly Botulinum toxin "botox" parties you've been throwing and use that money on something productive like, charity or better yet, putting a poor person to work. 

Lastly, if you really cared, you might even try driving a smart car or perhaps you could really lower your carbon footprint and really lead by example. Instead of just bitching about it, why not take public transportation instead of driving that Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar or Volvo you like to be seen driving to the Whole Foods market in every Saturday.

This type of fishing is a time honored tradition in Japan. If you knew anything beyond what the "in-people" were telling you. You'd know that instead of slaves or God forbid, "property," like a pet "non-human companion" that in the mind of your average radical P.E.T.A. nut-job, exists only to make the owner "human companion" feel better about themselves, you'd know that these birds are valued members of the family and very well cared for. 

Now, if you really want to make the world a better place, go sit in the corner and STFU! It's high time you learned to mind your own business and let these people live their lives in peace!!!

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