Thursday, October 31, 2013

Japan, China and a hornet’s nest from Beijing: Senkaku/Diaoyu and unmanned drones | Modern Tokyo Times

The disputed territory of Ryukyu between China and Japan must appear somewhat ironic to the indigenous people of Okinawa. This is based on the assertiveness that Senkaku according to Japanese terminology but named Diaoyu by China – is now a central point in rousing nationalism in both China and Japan. Historical wise, then political elites in China and Japan don’t have a leg to stand on because the independent people of Ryukyu happily traded with all and sundry prior to being swallowed up by Japan.

However, if you move the clock forward to the modern period then the Ryukyu Kingdom is no more and modern day Okinawa is firmly within the nation state of Japan. In history many indigenous people have been swallowed up by other nations therefore this isn’t unique but is part and parcel of the reality of nation states. Indeed, if China is so concerned about the rights of indigenous people then I am sure that the Buddhists of Tibet and the Muslims of Xinjiang would remind Beijing that hypocrisy is indeed the “highest order of the day.”

Irrespective of the rights or wrongs of who controls the entire region of modern day Okinawa this area is now firmly within Japan. This reality means that while visible traces remain of the ancient culture of Okinawa the people of this part of modern Japan are now fully interwoven into the fabric of society....

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Comment: The wording is a bit tortured in places, much like it often is when penned by academic types who insist on using $2.00 words when a $0.15 word would be more than sufficient, but the points are well taken. If you can suffer through the "common language" barrier, you'll find that the author takes seven full paragraphs and one semi-related and very tortured statement of fact to note what can easily be stated in the brief statement that follows: The Senkaku's belong to Okinawa, the former Kingdom of Ryukyu and Okinawa is now firmly a part of Japan. So why don't all of you over in China just STFU and leave things well enough alone!

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