Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Japan, U.S. to revise accord on Marine transfer from Okinawa | GlobalPost

Japan and the United States plan to give the go-ahead at a ministerial meeting this week to revise a bilateral accord on the envisioned realignment of U.S. Marine Corps personnel stationed in Okinawa, government officials said Sunday.

The planned revision of the so-called Guam Agreement codifying the Marine transfer from Okinawa to Guam followed a review in April last year of the transformation of U.S. forces stationed in Japan that led to cuts in the number of U.S. Marine Corps personnel to be relocated from the island prefecture to the U.S. territory to about 4,000 from an initially envisaged 8,000.

Of an estimated $8.6 billion in costs for projects such as relocating Marines and their dependents, and building runways and facilities in Guam and neighboring islands in the Pacific with an eye on future joint exercises between U.S. and Japanese forces, Japan will maintain its share of up to $2.8 billion, the officials said.

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Comment: This is rich! Still having to paying a full share of the bill but, now you're only going to lose half of the Marines they promised to move out of your country. That's kinda like paying for a large combination pizza with everything on it and all you get for your money is a single slice of cheese pizza! Next thing you know, the U.S. will expect a tip for the trouble they've wrought. Worse yet, the Japanese will probably pay it. Talk about Zombies....

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