Friday, October 4, 2013

Kerry, Hagel visit Chidorigafuchi to diminish Yasukuni | The Japan Times

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel laid flowers Thursday at Chidorigafuchi, the cemetery in Tokyo for the remains of unidentified Japanese who died overseas during World War II, in an apparent attempt to nudge Japan away from lionizing Yasukuni Shrine.

Kerry and Hagel became the most senior foreign dignitaries to pay their respects at Chidorigafuchi since the Argentine president in 1979, a cemetery official said.

Another official said the visit was initiated by the U.S. and not the result of a Japanese invitation.

U.S. defense officials said the cemetery near the Imperial Palace is Japan’s “closest equivalent” to Arlington National Cemetery, the massive military graveyard across the Potomac River from Washington.

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Comment: More left-wing nut-job bullshit propaganda journalistic malpractice on display with this piece of excrement disguised as a news story. That last line is just plain wrong! Yasukuni is the closest equivalent to Arlington National Cemetery in the U.S. The other place which is even harder to pronounce is more like the memorials at Auschwitz or the Peace Prayer Park in Okinawa. Yasukuni, like Arlington is dedicated to the "uniformed" war dead while Chio-do-whatchamacallit and the latter two are dedicated to the innocent victims of the war. That my friends is a very stark difference! 

So what if Japan honors its war dead and so what if a handful of war criminals are enshrined there. If we went up and down the list of those interred at Arlington, or any other war cemetery in any other country around the globe, I'd bet you a dollar to the hole of a doughnut we'd find a bunch of war criminals buried there too. The only difference being, the ones at Yasukuni were on the losing side of the conflict!

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