Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Korean Peninsula from Okinawan perspective - Donga.com

"Okinawa`s sovereignty should be recovered to escape from structural discrimination. The central government does not stand for Okinawa`s interests. There is no reason for Okinawa`s residents to be controlled by an agreement made without presence of an Okinawan representative."

This is an excerpt from a column posted on Okinawan newspaper Ryukyu Shimpo published on October 3. According to the report, the problems of U.S. military base in Okinawa cannot be solved by just U.S. foreign and defense ministers and an Okinawan representative should also join the talks.

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Comment: Wow, things are looking up, someone other than me has noticed that it matters not where in the world it happens, whether it be Timbuk-three or lowly Okinawa, big government doesn't give a crap about the people their supposed to serve! To the average politico, the people are nothing more than cattle to be taxed to oblivion, beaten into submission and led to the slaughter when the bill comes due!

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