Sunday, October 20, 2013

Minister orders defiant school board to use conservative book | The Japan Times

Education minister Hakubun Shimomura has instructed Okinawa Prefecture’s board of education to take action over the refusal by a small town’s school board to adopt a conservative social studies textbook.

For the second school year in a row, the town of Taketomi has rejected a textbook by Ikuhosha Publishing Inc. selected by the textbook adoption council.

The law covering the distribution of free textbooks includes a provision requiring that the same teaching resources be used throughout the region under that adoption council’s purview.

The education ministry judged that Taketomi is violating this provision, and Shimomura issued the instruction Friday to the prefectural board in the first-ever use of the Local Autonomy Law to seek redress in educational affairs.

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Comment: Top down dictatorial rule and indoctrination of the children, sounds like beginnings of "Fascism" to me...

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