Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Okinawa rakes in concessions as Futenma decision looms - News - Stripes

Okinawa is set to check some items off its military affairs wish list.

U.S. and Japanese officials have offered a series of concessions this month to the prefecture — the unwilling host to the bulk of American military forces in the country — as its decision nears on whether to allow construction of a key new Marine Corps airfield.

But sweeteners appear to have had little effect so far on Okinawa’s governor, who has spoken out against the military presence and will make the call this winter on whether Marine Corps Air Station Futenma can move to offshore runways farther north.

With the decision looming, some believe Okinawa is poised to reject a U.S.-Japan basing plan nearly two decades in the making. The two allies say no other options are on the table.

Comment: There eventually comes a time when even bribes don't work. The only problem with that is, these situations usually don't turn out to well. That's because if the donkey won't respond to the carrot anymore, the only thing left is the stick! 

When you consider that the Obama-Nation of Desolation as spoken of by the "profit' Daniel a.k.a. Chairman MA-O-bama, routinely dispatches people on his enemies list (baseball cards) via Predator Drone strikes and they even went so far as to force down the jet liner that was being used to transport the president of Bolivia home from an economic summit in Russia because they thought Edward Snowden might be on it, it gives a person reason to fear.

Given all of that, what makes you think that the folks here in Okinawa will fare differently?

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