Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ospreys baited the government | The Japan Times

As for the Sept. 30/Oct. 1 editorial, “Spreading worries about Osprey“: Despite Okinawa’s vehement opposition to the deployment of tilt-rotor Ospreys at U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, it was reported that Tokyo was considering buying the aircraft for the Self-Defense Forces (Ryukyu Shimpo, Oct. 31, 2012).

The Foreign Ministry, which normally has nothing to do with defense matters, was said to be most eager to buy them. Did U.S. government authorities bait the Foreign Ministry after finding Japan’s Defense Ministry too reluctant to bite? The Foreign Ministry often acts as if it were the branch office of the U.S. State Department in such matters as Okinawa’s military bases.

There seem to be two reasons why the U.S. government is trying hard to sell Ospreys to Japan. One has something to do with the business-mindedness of the U.S. military-industrial complex. Each Osprey is said to cost nearly $100 million. So, if the U.S. government could sell a dozen or more Ospreys to Japan, it would recover more than $1.2 billion of the $35.7 billion program cost.

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Comment: Government's around the globe no longer govern, they dictate! They've morphed into corrupt kleptocracies whose sole purpose is to enrich the governing elites at the expense of the masses. This deal has virtually nothing to do with the defense of Japan, it's all about keeping the U.S. military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned everyone bout flush with cash. 

Put another way, Italy, Germany and Japan may have lost the war but Fascism, defined as the merger of State and corporate interests, still won. These days if you want to know why something is happening the way it's happening, just follow the money through the government to see whose skids are being greased. Once upon a time, it was just a select few, these days, it's every damn one of them! 

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