Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Takashi Yanase, creator of beloved 'Anpanman,' dies at 94 | The Japan Times

Takashi Yanase, creator of “Anpanman,” one of the most popular Japanese anime series for children, died of heart failure at a Tokyo hospital early Sunday, his agency said Tuesday. He was 94.

He had been in the hospital since late August for liver cancer, according to the publisher of the Anpanman picture books.

Yanase, a native of Kochi Prefecture, became a cartoonist after working for a newspaper company and department store operator Mitsukoshi Ltd.

The Anpanman character (whose head is made of bread and filled with red bean paste) first appeared in a children’s tale in 1969. In the stories, which later became a popular picture book series, the hero offers his own head to feed the hungry. The TV show began airing in 1988.

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Comment: RIP Yanase-San! Now if only that kid down the street would grow the hell up so I don't have to hear that blasted Anpanman theme blaring all damn day and through the night!!! 

With my luck, instead of a kid, he'll turn out to be some 45 year old "Otaku" type and he'll buy up the whole damned collection of the series and play them round the clock in remembrance...

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