Monday, October 28, 2013

Taketomi Town's prerogative | The Japan Times

Invoking a provision of the Local Autonomy Law, the education ministry has instructed the Okinawa prefectural board of education to make the board of education of Taketomi Town, in the Yaeyama Islands area, change its decision to not adopt a right-leaning civics textbook for junior high schools. This is a blatant attempt by the central government to impose the use of a particular textbook on a municipality. The Taketomi board of education had made its decision on the strength of the law on local education administration that stipulates that the power to select school textbooks lies with each board of education. As such, it did nothing wrong. The education ministry should respect the board’s decision, which reflected the will of local citizens.

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Comment: The picture says it all. Screw the People! But, I'll leave it to Mel Brooks to put it more succinctly than I could. This is after all a "family friendly" E-zine...

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