Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tepco eyes fuel removal from Fukushima reactor 4 pool in early November | The Japan Times

The process, to continue until the end of next year, will mark a new stage in the decommissioning of the reactors 1 to 4, which were severely damaged in the nuclear crisis triggered by the March 11, 2011, mega-quake and tsunami.

Reactor 4 unit was the only one of the four not to experience a meltdown because its fuel had been in the spent-fuel pool during maintenance work. But there is concern over the continued storage of the more than 1,000 fuel assemblies in the pool, which is located inside a reactor building that suffered a hydrogen explosion.

Tepco had planned to begin the process from mid-November, but it has nearly completed preparations, including the installation of a crane to remove the fuel.

If the safety of the equipment is confirmed by the Nuclear Regulation Authority, Tepco will start taking out the fuel.

The fuel will be placed in containers and taken to what has been called a common pool in a different building about 100 meters away that is expected to provide more stable conditions for keeping the fuel cool.

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Comment: Why do they need to install a crane when old Homer and the boys will do it all for a couple of rounds of Duff's. Anyway, they had better hurry because it's said that the pool that the spent fuel pool are stored in is on the verge of collapse. If it were to go while the fuel rod assemblies are still in there, of course the water will drain out. That will cause the fuel rods to heat up and more than likely they'll go to critical mass. If that were to happen, it could very well be bye-bye Japan.... 

Not to worry, TEPCO and the Abe Administration have the best and brightest on the job so the situation is well in hand - Doh!

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