Monday, October 7, 2013

Typhoon Fitow Slams Okinawa on Way to China Followed by Danas - Businessweek

Winds gusting to 55 meters per second (125 miles per hour) halted air traffic and caused power outages on Okinawa’s Miyakojima island as Typhoon Fitow blew through on course for northern Taiwan and China’s coast, with a second storm following close behind.

Typhoon Danas, with a central pressure of 970 hectopascals, was about 650 miles southwest of Okinawa’s main island, moving west-northwest at 35 kilometers per hour, according to JMA. The storm is forecast to curve northward after passing over Okinawa tomorrow (How about right fricking NOW!), brushing past the southwest coast of Kyushu and southern South Korea before turning northeast through the Sea of Japan.

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Comment: Typhoon Danas, a.k.a. typhoon dumbass is here right NOW (The eye is over point Hedo as I type this) and kicking some serious butt while it's at it with wind gusts topping out at around 70 knots,(around 161 mph). Take that Fit-Ow!

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