Saturday, November 16, 2013

90% of foreigners arrested last year were legal residents | The Japan Times

Of the 5,423 foreigners arrested last year for committing crimes, more than 90 percent of them were living in the country legally, while illegal immigrants accounted for just 5.9 percent of the cases, unlike in the past, according to government white paper on crime released Friday.

As of January, visa over-stayers taken into custody had fallen to 62,009, the lowest figure in two decades. The government attributed the decline to tightened scrutiny at immigration points and Japan’s prolonged economic doldrums that served as a disincentive to stay in the country.

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Comment: So what is it mean when the media lies to us? Do they get a pass if they're just lying to themselves?? Question, aren't those 62,009 visa over-stayers in essence, breaking the law and thus committing a crime??? That would then mean that a total of 67,432 foreigners were taken into custody and/or arrested for committing a crime, not the 5,423 mentioned in this piece of excrement excuse for journalism. Tortured semantics aside, when it's looked at from this perspective somehow I don't think you can say that the majority of foreign law breakers are legal residents and that 90% figure is downright just plain dishonest if not an outright lie...

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