Sunday, November 17, 2013

Area in denial: Who has the clout to close off Western Pacific?|

After a new Rand report suggested the US military should use land-based anti-ship missiles to combat China's anti-access/area-denial strategy, a Chinese expert told the party-run Global Times on Nov. 8 that the People's Liberation Army has enough anti-ship missiles to counter such a threat.

The report said Chinese naval operations between Taiwan and Okinawa can be shut down in a joint or coalition effort using an integrated network of land-based anti-ship missiles according to the Defense News, based in Washington, on Nov. 7. At a time when the US is facing massive cuts in defense spending, the report pointed out that land-based anti-ship missiles would be an inexpensive way to block Chinese warships and form a full blockade in a time of crisis.

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Comment: Whaaaaat! The US is facing massive defense spending cuts??? You mean that instead of spending as much on defense as the next 30 nations combined, they're only going to spend as much as the next 29?? Heaven forbid!

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