Friday, November 29, 2013

BBC News - Viewpoints: China air zone tensions

The dispute over the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands is more than 30 years old and tensions over the East China Sea have flared periodically since 2000 as China has become a more proactive maritime power. However, since the nationalisation of the islands by the Japanese government in September 2012, the dispute has taken on a decidedly more ominous character.

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Comment: All of these dickheads are wrong! There's no way that this gets resolved peacefully. If you want to know why all of this is happening and why it won't get fixed short of global thermonuclear war, follow the money! 

The U.S. owes both the Chinese and the Japanese around a $ trillion each. Further, the U.S. cannot and/or will not ever pay them back! Even further still is that both the Chinese and Japanese are likewise broke. They've all been busy printing digital currency not worth the digital paper it's NOT printed on to build ghost cities and hide the fact that they're both financially and morally bankrupt faster than you can shake a stick at em! 

Secondly, the Chinese don't like the Japanese very much. They would love nothing better than to extract a little revenge for something their grandfathers did to them so long ago. Adding insult to self inflicted injury, as a result of (central planning) the "One Child" policy, they have a surplus of males and not enough jobs. That sounds like a formula for cannon fodder or conquest to me. So much so that most Japanese women would be well served by learning to speak a little Mandarin or perhaps Cantonese. It will help with business negotiations after the carnage...

Lastly, Both nations are resource poor and are heavily dependent upon the middle east for their oil and natural gas. The Senkaku isles, part of Okinawa prefecture in Japan are at the center of this conundrum. These otherwise worthless outcroppings of rock in the middle of the East China sea are sitting above a lake of oil, natural gas and other precious rare earths that would make a Saudi oil sheik shriek with envy.

With the Obama-Nation of desolation as spoken of by the profit Daniel about to torch the entire middle east to aid and abet his Muslim Brotherhood allies, reestablish the Islamic Caliphate and wipe the "Zionist Scourge" (their name for it not mine) from the face of the planet, the nations of the Far East are going to need to find alternative sources for oil. The Senkaku Isle's of Okinawa are where its all at! 

Confucius say that "a shortage of oil and an excess of sperm leads to a lot of prick waving and a lot of prick waving lead to a lot of penis envy and too much penis envy lead to WWIII!"

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