Thursday, November 21, 2013

China Unleashes UAVs Against Japan

On September 9th the Japanese Air Force sent interceptors aloft to check out an aircraft approaching Okinawa. It turned out to be a Chinese BZK-005 UAV. This is one of several UAVs built in China that are similar to the American Predator. The BZK-005 is a 1.2 ton UAV with a 150 kg (330 pound) payload, a cruising speed of 170 kilometers an hour, a satellite link, and an endurance of up to 20 hours. Since Okinawa is only 830 kilometers from the Chinese mainland, the BZK-005 could make it to the island, patrol for about 8 hours and return. While the BZK-005 turned back before it entered Japanese air space (anything over Okinawa or up to 22 kilometers from the coast) Japan warned China that if any of their UAVs violated Japanese air space they would be shot down. China responded that it would do the same.

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Comment: War games always entail a little target practice...

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